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MaX's Trading Bootlegs site


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1. The one who was the first to contact and offer a trade, sends first. As for known traders, this issue will be discussed between the two sides.
2. When sending or receiving a package, both of us have to know about it.
3. Before sending anything, the two sides accept each other's trade requests. Nothing will be changed after this agreement.
4. A trader is always able to keep his/her rare shows, or shows he/she does not want to trade, away of trade.
5. I don't trade anything official. Don't offer me and don't ask for also I DONT SELL.
6. Do not ask me to send you samples, unless we have a potential trade including the recording you want a sample from.
7. Absolutely no incomplete CDRs/DVDs are accepted, excepting originally incomplete recordings
8. I'm only trading for non-lossy sourced Audios/Videos, only Orginal sourced formats accepted !